What Do You Do With Your Dead Goat

So you are sitting around wondering, “Hey!  I have this terrific goat carcass.  What would be a really cool thing to do with it?”  Then it hits you!  (Not too hard I hope.)  I could ride around on my horse with a bunch of other horse riders all who are trying to steal my goat carcass and keep it for themselves – at least long enough to be declared the winner.

Then, sadly, you remember, this is already a sport.

I know dear reader, you are sitting there in your sofa thinking “How can this be?”  “Who would think up such a crazy sport?

Oh wait.  If you are sitting ‘in’ your sofa rather than ‘on’ your sofa, you must be Turkic ( a sofa is a type of room).

So then you remember, oh right, our Turkic national sport is goat grabbing!  And you head outside, jump on your horse, still holding onto your dead goat, and you ride off to make sure you can hold on to your title of Champion of Buzkashi!

Buzkashi Afghan flag colors

Check out all the latest trends in Buzkashi Fan Wear!



And tomorrow, I will share the answer to that important question – “Who’s Your Paddy?”



Today I Present….Wacko Sports


Okay, so normally one imagines glasses-wearing  super intelligent people in suits playing chess.  And the stereo type for boxers is not so bright bulky guys all sweaty.  So the question is “Who exactly is playing Chess Boxing???”

No really.  It is a real sport.  I don’t get it.  But it’s just more proof that there is something for everyone in this world, and if there isn’t, wait a moment and someone will invent it.

Tomorrow I will share with you “What to do with your dead goat?”

Free photos

Alex Markovich  has been a photographer for a long time now.  He is offering for free some of his work for your personal use (no reselling).  Check him out. Here is what he says about why he is doing this:

When I walk or travel I take lots of pictures. These pictures are “the moments which impressed me” so I decided to capture that very moment. I’ve got thousands of photos stored on my hard drives an…

Source: Free photos

Ornaments as Unique as You

From homage to Pluto, to Santas and Reindeers, hundreds of unique ornaments you can not get anywhere but here.


There are vintage designs and modern funny ones, as well as some more traditional.  Did you grow up with Howdy Doody?  Got ya covered!  Looking for Dad?  How about an “I AM the Papa Bear” ornament.

How about a harp playing griffin?  A star gazing Santa. Or just a bit of Pi?  A personalized festive dinosaur.  Or something for cat lovers, dog lovers, more.  A drum playing mouse?  Or a personalized house?

How about honoring a firefighter, police officer, or one for your Bae.  Crazy eyed reindeer or Santas in sleighs.  Messages to Santa on the tree can be found.  And a few for the Geeks and the sports fans around.

So click on over and visit a while.  At the very least, we will give you a smile.



Christmas is Coming!

What gifts are you looking for?  Got a horse lover on your list?  How about this design?

horse head w mistletoe no bkgrd
Christmas Horse Silhouette

Maybe you have someone who is an avid fan of marijuana, medical or otherwise:

How merrier can you get?
How merrier can you get?

Whatever and whoever your Christmas gift shopping list includes, there is something in my shops exactly right!

BINGO Players Know B4 You Do!

BINGO it is B4

BINGO!  It’s not just for Grandma anymore.  Seriously.  In fact, there are some seriously serious people out there who play.  They have special equipment.  Lucky seats in their regular BINGO hall.  And callers that sounds like they have over-dosed on Mother Goose.  And if you know someone who is ‘that’ type of player, let’s make sure they are dressed and ready to go to BINGO night.  Here is one of my latest designs.  Have fun B4 its too late!

The Power of the Couch

Cats have been worshiped and adored.  Dogs have been useful members of communities.  It has been said that the difference in the two can be explained by how they view our role in their lives.

Cats look at us and think “they feed me, pet me, and wait on me…I must be a god!”

Dogs look at us and think “they feed me, pet me, and OMG they must be gods!!”

Yep.  That explains nearly everything.  But there is one missing piece of information and I have put it on a t-shirt for your wearing pleasure.  Just so you never forget.


Everybody Loves Zombies

The concept and name of zombies originated with the Haitians.  In Haitian French it is ‘zombi’.  In Haitian Creole it is ‘zonbi’.  For Haitians, zombies are only created by magic, never by a virus.  Wikipedia defines zombies as ” undead creatures, typically depicted as mindless, reanimated human corpses with a hunger for human flesh.”  What’s not to love about that!

Everybody loves a zombie….until they meet a real one.   Then….well then…they love running shoes.


Halloween isn’t the only appropriate time for Zombie couture.  If you are going to be eaten alive, at least look good during it. Looks are everything…even when your brain is hanging out…

Shower the People You Love with…Shower Curtains?

I like shower curtains.  If I weren’t too lazy I might have one for every season, every holiday, and every special occasion.  But unfortunately, I am too lazy.  So instead I just design them.  Need a stunning vintage shower curtain?  How about this one?

Featured imagehttp://www.cafepress.com/gratefulphoenix.1522770050

Or maybe you are looking for something that recreates some beautiful things from outdoors.

Featured imagehttp://www.cafepress.com/literatephoenix.1400976622

I know!  You like things creepy.  In your opinion, Halloween should last all year.  So how about this shower curtain.

Featured imagehttp://www.cafepress.com/literatephoenix.1378017483

Featured imagehttp://www.cafepress.com/literatephoenix.1457094991

Or maybe you are all about the sports.

Featured imagehttp://www.cafepress.com/literatephoenix.1414979623

Whatever your personality, if I don’t have a design that suits you, let me know and I will get some in designed right away.

Between now and then, enjoy your shower!