About Face! No…wait…that’s not it… oh yeah. About A Literate Phoenix

I design ‘stuff’.  You have to love that word.  It is so universally useful.  I have three stores where you can spend hours laughing and enjoying my crazy sense of humor.  Maybe even find that perfect gift for someone or that shirt you have been dying to wear.  I decided to get feedback on some of the designs (well, I want feedback on all of them…but that will take time).  So here is my blog with my designs.  And as soon as I figure out what I am doing wrong I will have a poll embedded with each one so you can chime in on them.  So go ahead…hate ’em, love ’em.  No worries…I’ll design more.  So come on back and let yourself be heard.   Now that IS protected by the USA Constitution.


Oh..and my three stores are:






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