Christmas is Coming…So Get Your Ho Ho Hos On!

How about a look at what the Literate Phoenix and the Stoned Hamster have designed for making this your most outrageous holiday ever!

Do you know why Santa is jolly!why_is_santa_jolly_magnet_magnets

But is everyone jolly in Santatown?  No, no, no.


Did you know that people are not the only ones with a Santa?


Maybe all this jolly just isn’t getting you in the mood?


And of course, what Christmas tree would be complete without a Christmas weasel?  No Christmas weasel on your tree???  No problem.  Would the Phoenix and the Hamster leave you hanging…um…wait…in this case, yes.


So dive on in and find your ho ho ho this coming season.  And maybe you’ll even finally find that perfect gift for weird Aunt Edna and your strange little brother.

Yours truly, Literate Phoenix, and Stoned Hamster



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