The Literate Phoenix’s Week

(AKA It’s finally Friday!)

This week our Literate Phoenix sent designs winging there way to place like – North Carolina and Missouri where both states are looking smarter wearing our Never Trust An Atom design (spoiler alert!  We have a new version  of this design!)


While in the great state of Texas they have fallen in love with


And Pennsylvania?  They are decorating their cars with Breaking Bad designs and training dogs, because “Sit Happens“!

But I wanna amble down to Arkansas where they have decided “this adult thing ain’t working for them.

Oh yeah.  Before I leave you, I know you want to see the new “Don’t Trust Atoms” design.  Here t’is!


Never Trust an Atom Universe design.png

Did you recognize your own home galaxy??? That’s our own precious Milky Way!  You did recognize it….didn’t you?