It’s Colon Cancer Month!

Oh wait,  colon cancer awareness month.  Right.  Sooooo? Have you been screened?  You should you know.  Unlike other cancers they know exactly what this one looks like before it becomes cancer.

Oh?  Did that get your attention?

The answer is……polyps.  Colon cancer almost always starts as a polyp.  Remove the polyp – skip the cancer.

No doubt you know one or more people who have had colon cancer.  Maybe even lost someone you love to this cancer.  Most of us have.

Here are a few ways The Literate Phoenix is trying to help grab peoples attention:

208_350x350_Front_Color-NAColon Cancer Awareness Banner

106_350x350_Front_Color-WhiteColon Cancer – All Guts Some Gory

139_350x350_Front_Color-NAEveryone Wants A Colonoscopy


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