Extreme Sheep Herding

Aka:  Sheep herding – it’s not for the faint of heart anymore.

It is no surprise that there are sheep herding competitions.  And with the internet bringing us all together to see what we are up to around the world, we are getting used to “no matter what you are doing, someone has created a competition and made it more extreme”.  And so I give you, extreme sheep herding.


Unlike Buzkashi, where the goat is dead, at least the sheep get to live.

So when I tell you it is a jungle out there, pay heed.


If you want to watch a video of it, here t’is:

(Okay, to be absolutely accurate, the sheep herding part of this is real and the sheep really were wearing lights – see below – but some of this is CGI.  Still a LOT of fun to watch.)

Sheep wearing light blankets:  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/extreme-sheep-herding-footage-wales-7096751

But for completely true sheep herding competition, here’s a whole page full of them:

Be kind.  Be safe.  Stick together.  It really is a jungle out there.



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