What is Too Hot to Handle?

Talking about sports here people!  Get your minds out of ….well…wherever they just raced off to!  Instead, how about a taste of Volcano Boarding!

Like snow boarding but way less chill.

Volcano Boarding aka Ash Boarding and Volcano Surfing is hot stuff for those who like to lie on the fiery side of life.  (Maybe preparing for where you are heading next?  JK)

Volcano_Boarding_Cerro_Negro This is no kid.  And that’s a live volcano.  Gives “slip sliding away” a whole new twist.

So in honor of these intrepid boarders yours truly, the Literate Phoenix and the Stoned Hamster have designed giftware perfect for that favorite hot spot:



As the shirt says “Go HOT! Or just, not!”

Check back to find out why being sheepish is not for the faint of heart anymore.

And until then, remember, be kind, be safe, and sticker together.  It’s a jungle out there.


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