Shout Out to the London Chessboxing Club!

After I posted a design for chessboxing the London Chessboxing Club commented and gave a link to their club for anyone interested in what Chessboxing really is and who does it.  The link is still there in that post so check them out.

Turns out, chess and boxing are no longer polar opposites in the sport/games arena.  So if you have been torn between brains and brawn, look no further.  These players bring both to the…table..mat….ring….board….um….whatever.  And better still, men  AND women participate.  It is a crazy world and someone is always thinking up something new.

In honor of those chess boxing crazy champions here is our newest design:



And speaking of crazy new sports, what is too hot to handle and resembles snowboarding?  Check back to find out!


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