What Do You Do With Your Dead Goat

So you are sitting around wondering, “Hey!  I have this terrific goat carcass.  What would be a really cool thing to do with it?”  Then it hits you!  (Not too hard I hope.)  I could ride around on my horse with a bunch of other horse riders all who are trying to steal my goat carcass and keep it for themselves – at least long enough to be declared the winner.

Then, sadly, you remember, this is already a sport.

I know dear reader, you are sitting there in your sofa thinking “How can this be?”  “Who would think up such a crazy sport?

Oh wait.  If you are sitting ‘in’ your sofa rather than ‘on’ your sofa, you must be Turkic ( a sofa is a type of room).

So then you remember, oh right, our Turkic national sport is goat grabbing!  And you head outside, jump on your horse, still holding onto your dead goat, and you ride off to make sure you can hold on to your title of Champion of Buzkashi!

Buzkashi Afghan flag colors

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And tomorrow, I will share the answer to that important question – “Who’s Your Paddy?”




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