The Power of the Couch

Cats have been worshiped and adored.  Dogs have been useful members of communities.  It has been said that the difference in the two can be explained by how they view our role in their lives.

Cats look at us and think “they feed me, pet me, and wait on me…I must be a god!”

Dogs look at us and think “they feed me, pet me, and OMG they must be gods!!”

Yep.  That explains nearly everything.  But there is one missing piece of information and I have put it on a t-shirt for your wearing pleasure.  Just so you never forget.


Everybody Loves Zombies

The concept and name of zombies originated with the Haitians.  In Haitian French it is ‘zombi’.  In Haitian Creole it is ‘zonbi’.  For Haitians, zombies are only created by magic, never by a virus.  Wikipedia defines zombies as ” undead creatures, typically depicted as mindless, reanimated human corpses with a hunger for human flesh.”  What’s not to love about that!

Everybody loves a zombie….until they meet a real one.   Then….well then…they love running shoes.

Halloween isn’t the only appropriate time for Zombie couture.  If you are going to be eaten alive, at least look good during it. Looks are everything…even when your brain is hanging out…

Shower the People You Love with…Shower Curtains?

I like shower curtains.  If I weren’t too lazy I might have one for every season, every holiday, and every special occasion.  But unfortunately, I am too lazy.  So instead I just design them.  Need a stunning vintage shower curtain?  How about this one?

Featured image

Or maybe you are looking for something that recreates some beautiful things from outdoors.

Featured image

I know!  You like things creepy.  In your opinion, Halloween should last all year.  So how about this shower curtain.

Featured image

Featured image

Or maybe you are all about the sports.

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Whatever your personality, if I don’t have a design that suits you, let me know and I will get some in designed right away.

Between now and then, enjoy your shower!


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You know this is you.  Might as well sparkle it!

Featured image 2015 is the most amazing Pi Day in our lifetime.  Not only does this years Pi Day cover the first three digits of pi because it is 15 that brings it to the first five digits of pi.  So at 9:26:53 once in the morning and once in the evening a total of ten digits of pi in order will occur.   Now that is UBER Pi! Cow Pi shirt Uber Pi shirt


Don’t you just hate when someone always wants to borrow your stuff?  I mean, really!  I am not rent-a-center.  I don’t mind occasionally  But there is always someone who abuses the privilege.   And then there are a few of my things that I don’t want anyone to use but me.  Call me crazy.  But it is just too hard to replace some things.  And too hard to get the adjustments just right on others.  And then there is that one that you finally found that fits your hand just right.  Ahhhh…

And so, that brings us to today’s useful shirt.  Now you don’t have to say no any more.

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St. Paddy’s Day is Coming – Are You Ready??

Face it.  If you don’t have the perfect St. Paddy’s day t-shirt, why are you even bothering to go out.  Green beer?  I don’t think so.  Don’t put crap in a perfectly good beer.  Grab the right clothing and maybe you will even get lucky.  (And by lucky I mean someone will buy you a drink…..really…that’s all I meant….I’m not kidding….geez)

So check out this year’s designs by moi.  St. Pat’s celebrators never looked so good.

Featured image

Featured image

Featured image

Cat Hair Everywhere T-shirt

I love cats.  I love their attitude.  I love the way they look.  I love the sound of their purr and the sound of their meow.  I have had cats for nearly all of my life.  So I can’t help designing t-shirts and things for the house that center around cats.  What about you?  Are you a professed cat lady?  Do you need a gift for one?  Here it is.  Cat lovers everywhere unite!  As long as we have the cats we are A-Ok with the cat hair everywhere.

If you like this design it can be yours: