Posh Pillows for Book Lovers!

What better way to cozy up with your favorite book, than with a couch full of beautiful book cover pillows!


Celtic Bible from 800 AD



Kulliyat, 10th Century Book




Edmund Dulac’s Fairy book – Look! One is escaping!



Under the Dog Star



The Trees of Old England



A Journey to the North Pole



Unser Bismarck






And so many more beautiful throw pillows await your visit!




New to You and the Literate Phoenix!

Mylar balloons are a hit every time!  The Literate Phoenix and the Stoned Hamster will never let you down.  We have created bunches of balloon designs for every occasion.  Here is one of our newest designs – perfect for Mother’s Day!


My Nickname Is Mom Balloon

Maybe you need one for that best bud that is always there for you:


Chinchillin' With My Friends Balloon


April’s Fools Day is Coming!

Are you prepared?  Now remember the Stoned Hamster and Literate Phoenix’s rules for pranks:  pranks should not harm anyone or anything’ they should not embarrass or humiliate anyone.  With that in mind, everything else goes!  So here’s a little help.

Why not add outlets around the house?




Or add a little temptation everywhere you go.  You know everyone has to try if the sign says Wet Paint.  What about if it says this?




Or get that priceless double take with this on your car:




Or personalize a prank for your friend’s car:





Yes…the Literate Phoenix and the Stoned Hamster are hard at work finding the perfect prank for you!

Christmas is Coming…So Get Your Ho Ho Hos On!

How about a look at what the Literate Phoenix and the Stoned Hamster have designed for making this your most outrageous holiday ever!

Do you know why Santa is jolly!why_is_santa_jolly_magnet_magnets



But is everyone jolly in Santatown?  No, no, no.



Did you know that people are not the only ones with a Santa?



Maybe all this jolly just isn’t getting you in the mood?



And of course, what Christmas tree would be complete without a Christmas weasel?  No Christmas weasel on your tree???  No problem.  Would the Phoenix and the Hamster leave you hanging…um…wait…in this case, yes.



So dive on in and find your ho ho ho this coming season.  And maybe you’ll even finally find that perfect gift for weird Aunt Edna and your strange little brother.

Yours truly, Literate Phoenix, and Stoned Hamster


The Literate Phoenix’s Week

(AKA It’s finally Friday!)

This week our Literate Phoenix sent designs winging there way to place like – North Carolina and Missouri where both states are looking smarter wearing our Never Trust An Atom design (spoiler alert!  We have a new version  of this design!)



While in the great state of Texas they have fallen in love with


And Pennsylvania?  They are decorating their cars with Breaking Bad designs and training dogs, because “Sit Happens“!

But I wanna amble down to Arkansas where they have decided “this adult thing ain’t working for them.

Oh yeah.  Before I leave you, I know you want to see the new “Don’t Trust Atoms” design.  Here t’is!


Never Trust an Atom Universe design.png

Did you recognize your own home galaxy??? That’s our own precious Milky Way!  You did recognize it….didn’t you?

It’s Colon Cancer Month!

Oh wait,  colon cancer awareness month.  Right.  Sooooo? Have you been screened?  You should you know.  Unlike other cancers they know exactly what this one looks like before it becomes cancer.

Oh?  Did that get your attention?

The answer is……polyps.  Colon cancer almost always starts as a polyp.  Remove the polyp – skip the cancer.

No doubt you know one or more people who have had colon cancer.  Maybe even lost someone you love to this cancer.  Most of us have.

Here are a few ways The Literate Phoenix is trying to help grab peoples attention:


208_350x350_Front_Color-NAColon Cancer Awareness Banner

106_350x350_Front_Color-WhiteColon Cancer – All Guts Some Gory

139_350x350_Front_Color-NAEveryone Wants A Colonoscopy

Extreme Sheep Herding

Aka:  Sheep herding – it’s not for the faint of heart anymore.

It is no surprise that there are sheep herding competitions.  And with the internet bringing us all together to see what we are up to around the world, we are getting used to “no matter what you are doing, someone has created a competition and made it more extreme”.  And so I give you, extreme sheep herding.


Unlike Buzkashi, where the goat is dead, at least the sheep get to live.

So when I tell you it is a jungle out there, pay heed.


If you want to watch a video of it, here t’is:

(Okay, to be absolutely accurate, the sheep herding part of this is real and the sheep really were wearing lights – see below – but some of this is CGI.  Still a LOT of fun to watch.)

Sheep wearing light blankets:  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/extreme-sheep-herding-footage-wales-7096751

But for completely true sheep herding competition, here’s a whole page full of them:

Be kind.  Be safe.  Stick together.  It really is a jungle out there.


What is Too Hot to Handle?

Talking about sports here people!  Get your minds out of ….well…wherever they just raced off to!  Instead, how about a taste of Volcano Boarding!

Like snow boarding but way less chill.

Volcano Boarding aka Ash Boarding and Volcano Surfing is hot stuff for those who like to lie on the fiery side of life.  (Maybe preparing for where you are heading next?  JK)

Volcano_Boarding_Cerro_Negro This is no kid.  And that’s a live volcano.  Gives “slip sliding away” a whole new twist.

So in honor of these intrepid boarders yours truly, the Literate Phoenix and the Stoned Hamster have designed giftware perfect for that favorite hot spot:



As the shirt says “Go HOT! Or just, not!”

Check back to find out why being sheepish is not for the faint of heart anymore.

And until then, remember, be kind, be safe, and sticker together.  It’s a jungle out there.