Are You Ready for the Salt Life?!

Can you feel it?  Suns warming up.  Waves hit the beach.  Soon all the boardwalk shops will open.  SUMMERTIME!

And what is summer without the world’s best flip flops?  The Literate Phoenix is here to help!  Check out our ever growing unique designs, found no where else.

Here are a few of our most popular designs.

You’ll Automatically Feel Smarter in these:

Get Em Here1



Monet for your Money:

Get Em here!


Cats Eye on you:


Get Em Here


Get your Yin Yang on:

Get em Here

Beach Time! is Coming!

Spring is right around the corner! Can the beach be far behind? A unique towel will be easier to spot when heading back from the waves!

Get your Clownfish towel right here!

Personalize your waves!

Bring a fine french beach towel and some fine French wine!
French beach towel

A little great art can make for the perfect day at the beach!
Great Art Sailing Ship towel

Every little girl loves bunnies!
Bunny beach towel

Who doesn’t love a Renn Faire!
Personalized Medieval towel

Life is a B-ach!

Theese and many more unique, funny, and gorgeous beach towels!

Be Prepared for St Paddy’s Day or Drink Alone!

No worries friends! The Literate Phoenix and the Stoned Hamster would never leave you unprepared for a major holiday like St. Paddy’s Day. Put yourself in our hands and you will be ready for the wearing of the green. It is up to you whether you drink your beer green however.

To see the entire collection we designed for you just following this link:

Here are some highlights:

Who can resist a charming line:


For a universal all outfit styles addition:


Button up for St. Patrick!


And for those, who even on this day, just must let your freak flag fly, here’s a LSD hippy style shamrock. Shine on baby! Shine on!


Top of the holiday to ya! Be safe. Not sorry.

Wait! Wait! There’s More!

In preparing for a truly unique expression of your love on Valentine’s Day there is no ‘one size fits all’. So here, for your shopping pleasure are a few more of the quirky and delightful designs by a Literate Phoenix and the Stoned Hamster.

Do you have cute nicknames for each other? Here’s the perfect sweatshirt. Personalize it with those memorable names!
Personalized Sweatshirt 23_350x350_Front_Color-White

Is it only Puppy Love? Who can resist this adorable little furball!
Puppy Love Valentines Pendant 485_350x350_Front_Color-NA

Looking for the perfect Valentines Day earrings? Or a gift that doesn’t scream “I’m obsessed!”. These gorgeous wine red “Be Mine” earrings are perfect.
Be Mine Earrings Dark Red 490_350x350_Front_Color-NA

Valentine’s Day is Coming Fast!

Are You Ready???

Don’t be a fool
Is the Valentine rule
Get ready now
Or be in the doghouse


You and No Other
You And No Other Pillowcase 572_350x350_Front_Color-White

Cute Devil Child Golf Balls
Keep ’em remembering when they are out on the course.
Devil Child Cute Golf Balls 692_350x350_Front_Color-White


(Oh, and just in case, you aren’t ‘feeling the Valentine vibe” this year, got ya covered there too!
Stupid Cupid Drink Glass 526_350x350_Front_Color-Clear

Posh Pillows for Book Lovers!

What better way to cozy up with your favorite book, than with a couch full of beautiful book cover pillows!


Celtic Bible from 800 AD


Kulliyat, 10th Century Book



Edmund Dulac’s Fairy book – Look! One is escaping!


Under the Dog Star


The Trees of Old England


A Journey to the North Pole


Unser Bismarck




And so many more beautiful throw pillows await your visit!


New to You and the Literate Phoenix!

Mylar balloons are a hit every time!  The Literate Phoenix and the Stoned Hamster will never let you down.  We have created bunches of balloon designs for every occasion.  Here is one of our newest designs – perfect for Mother’s Day!

My Nickname Is Mom Balloon

Maybe you need one for that best bud that is always there for you:

Chinchillin' With My Friends Balloon


April’s Fools Day is Coming!

Are you prepared?  Now remember the Stoned Hamster and Literate Phoenix’s rules for pranks:  pranks should not harm anyone or anything’ they should not embarrass or humiliate anyone.  With that in mind, everything else goes!  So here’s a little help.

Why not add outlets around the house?


Or add a little temptation everywhere you go.  You know everyone has to try if the sign says Wet Paint.  What about if it says this?


Or get that priceless double take with this on your car:


Or personalize a prank for your friend’s car:



Yes…the Literate Phoenix and the Stoned Hamster are hard at work finding the perfect prank for you!